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+31.01.2003: The Colorado School of Mines, CSP Associates, and JPL collaborated in a study of the potential for commercial production of lunar propellant. In the study one possible market was modeled, namely, the transportation of communciation satellites from low Earth orbit to geosynchronous Earth orbit.

Fullmoon+18.01.2003: Asian Space Race? China, India and Japan have announced plans to go to the moon lunar plans. According to the Lunar Enterprise Daily journal Japan plans to send people to the Moon by 2020. China will start this october to send a human crew into orbit.

+08.01.2003: Indian has plans to send a man to the moon, according to Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Also a senior Indian space research official said that India plans a manned moon mission between 2005 and 2015. [more ->]

+05.01.2003: The unmanned Chinese “Shenzou” capsule landed saftley in northern China on sunday 5th january. Because of the sucesfully “Shenzou” mission China plans to send the first Chinese man into orbit later this year.

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